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The Center for Emerging Enterprises (CE2) is a 501C3 organization, started in fall 2009. It is a collaboration between businesses and higher education created to integrate concepts with capital, commercialize those ideas and turn them into real businesses.



The primary focus of CE2 is not only to provide a product but also to create a truly hands-on educational opportunity for students. Hand-selected students from local colleges intern for CE2 and attain academic and professional credit. They work on teams under the guidance of professional mentors to develop the products. The students take part in every aspect of the start up process of a venture from business development and production, through marketing and sales.


CE2 is a platform for the next generation of business professionals, providing a competitive edge through networking and career opportunities. The desired outcome of CE2 is to create self-sustaining businesses which will employ some of the graduated interns and provide ongoing internships. 




The Center for Emerging Enterprises is currently working with eight institutions of higher education involving 110 students.  For a list of the institutions press More Info below.




CE2 is currently involved in four projects:


Gofers, a TV sitcom



Ford Go Further

CE2 Video Produced by Students

"Sometimes the greatest things in life are the ones that take us out of our range of comfort and into uncharted territory...

I'm a strong believer that organizations like the Center for Emerging Enterprises provide a stepping stone to a successful future."


Andrea Mannino

Seidman College of Business

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