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Current Major Projects CE2 is Involved With



This is a timely and wholesome episodic, situational comedy about a delivery service that proudly guarantees delivery of “anything, anywhere, anytime”.  However, the band of misfit employees can’t seem to live up to that. As a result, the team members constantly find themselves in outlandish and sometimes awkward situations.


The delivery team includes characters whose unique personalities and conflicting backgrounds create unforeseen exchanges. Their layered relationships create a bit of a dysfunctional family environment. While the employees may not deliver anything, anywhere, anytime, Gofers delivers unexpected and unanticipated insights and abundant laughs.














Bill Butler (Mid forties, ruggedly handsome, people person), Trudy Witt Butler (Early forties, Type A personality, great dresser, corporate type), Windsong Burd (Early twenties, African American, stanch environmentalist, vegan ), Juan de la Rosa (Early twenties, Mexican American, brash, unsophisticated and very narcissistic), Claire Van Buren (Early seventies, well preserved, strict elementary school teacher personality, no sense of humor), Clark (Early twenties, Chinese who speaks and understands very little English), and Four Adult Foster Home Men (Middle Eastern , African American, Native American, Caucasian, all rugged, street wise, quirky personalities, live in facility next to the Gofers office.


CopToons is a social enterprise based strategy that builds lasting lifetime positive relationships between urban youth, their families, and local law enforcement officers by:

National Exposure  

Engaging preschool and lower elementary age urban youth through a nationally broadcast or internet based animated cartoon series that:

  • Enables urban youth and police cartoon characters to interact in real-time life experiences.

  • Creates opportunities for the cartoon characters to model problem solving and resolve past perceptions.

  • Provides experiential models for youth to use in forming positive lifetime relationships.



Local Implementation

Connecting youth, their families, local law enforcement officers, and community leaders to a web-based platform that empowers urban neighborhood-based collaboration through:

  • Youth, families, community leaders, educators, and local law enforcement officers downloading interactive activities and handouts that stimulate positive engagement between the stakeholders.

  • Urban neighborhood organizations, schools and community police officers downloading model event based programs that facilitate positive stakeholder engagement.

  • Stakeholder groups from multiple urban neighborhoods using the virtual web platform to connect, communicate and collaborate to accelerate development of and rapidly share successful activities and vents.


CopToons episodes are built on shared learning and understanding experiences by both sides, where each learns from the other.




Ford Go Further


The idea behind Go Further stories is to create a content series that celebrates the people that embody the spirt of Ford's global brand promise.


Student produced stories humanize and add greater meaning to Ford's brand promise by discovering and creating content and widely sharing the stories of these people - from the more altruistic to the simply awesome.


Below is a video produced by students at Grand Valley State University.


There is a gap in the market that we hope to fill by creating an engaging, entertaining, affordable, and easy-to-use online resource for obtaining continuing education credits for social workers. Many of the resources that are available today are boring, and expensive. When EngageCEU is implemented, it will become the go-to resource for social workers to obtain their CEUs. 


Video training modules will be developed and delivered by the organizations “practitioners” in their areas of expertise. 

The target market for EngageCEU is the professionals working in all areas of social work. There are approx. 30,000 social workers in Michigan. When the product is expanded nationwide, then the US target market is around 1,000,000. 

EngageCEU will be marketed through traditional new media and social media methods.  In additional, it will be marketed to large organizations around the company who need to train internal social workers on their staffs.

Demo Produced by Students

To view entire series go to YouTube and enter EngageCEU (one word) into the search box.

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